Lil & Emm - November 8, 2015

How To: Make The Most Of Your Mornings

I am sure I am not the only one who on some work days finds myself up at the last minute after hitting snooze one too many times, racing to get ready, rushing to eat anything I can find, half asleep on my commute into the office and then all of sudden I’m racing through the day wondering ‘how did I get from waking up to being at work? Where did my morning go?’

It’s taken me awhile to rearrange my morning routine to be able to set myself up for the day in a positive way, to give myself a moment in the morning that makes it feel like I’ve had some time to myself before “starting” my day per say. So today I wanted to share my top tips to give you some ideas into how to make the most of your mornings and to avoid that feeling of working all week with no free time for anything else.

1) Set yourself up for success

No matter what your weeks looks like, I promise being prepared for the next day will help you so much. For me that means knowing what I’m going to wear to work, laying out my workout gear, packing up my bag with everything I need from a book to read on the train, to my workout gear for yoga after work and my prepped lunch – pre packed ready to grab and go. Yes it may sound like a lot, but it takes SO much time out of your morning to allow you to do something else, like sitting and drinking your coffee slowly, meditation, or maybe some extra cuddling!

2) Move it!

This is a hard thing to start, but once you start to feel the benefits you wont want to stop! Getting in some sort of workout or movement first thing in the morning is not only amazing for your body physically, it is also so beneficial mentally. It sets you up for the day feeling ready to take on anything. The easiest way to start this is to decide mentally the night before, set your alarm and lay out your workout clothes by your bed. As soon as my alarm goes off I try not to think too much and to just get up, get dressed and out of my bedroom as quickly as possible. I love to do yoga, YouTube videos or walk along the water. If your keen to try Yoga, Google Yoga With Adrianne for an array of options or if you want to really get in a good sweat sesh Google Hitty Bity Bikini!

3) Nourish

It makes perfect sense; if you want to run the day you need the fuel to get you there! Eating something nourishing, yummy and filling will set you up for an amazing day like nothing else. I usually like to have some breakfast foods prepped ready to go, like the cocoa granola recipe previously posted so I know I’ve got an easy meal to put together that doesn’t take too much time. It also helps get me out of bed knowing that I have something I cant wait to eat! Smoothies, fruit, greek yoghurt and oats are all amazing and quick options.

4) Be selective

By this I mean decide what content you want to have in the first few hours of being awake. It will set the tone of your mood for the day. I tend to avoid looking at the news straight away, work emails or my to do lists. I make sure I have the things prepared for the day already so I don’t have to stress about it and instead I can enjoy a workout and take the time to have my breakfast. TBH this usually means scrolling Instagram, but when you follow such inspirational people it’s nice to see some positivity first thing in the morning!

5) Set YOUR tone

Too often the people you encounter during your day will impact on your mood – positive or negative, but if you decide at the start of the day what kind of day your going to have; more often than not that is exactly how it will occur. Your mind is such a powerful thing and by filling it with positive thoughts first thing will impact your day immensely! A beautiful quote by Buddha summarizes this perfectly “What you think, you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create” so make the conscious effort to decide what kind of day your going to have before it begins! To get into this mind frame I like to scroll through quotes on Pinterest or pick out a saying, quote, thought or goal to think about throughout the day.

I hope you beauties enjoyed these tips, let me know what you do to start your day off right – I am always looking for ways to make the most of my time!

 Sarah for Lil & Emm


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