Lil & Emm - January 3, 2016

Goal Setter

Happy New Year Gorgeous!

As always, when a new year rolls around the amount of possibility is endless, 365 fresh new days awaiting you. The best bit is that they can truly be however you want them to.

I use to try and set ‘New Years Resolutions’ that were somewhat un-attainable, I seem to recall one year attempting to not eat any chocolate … cue me three days in upset with myself whilst stuffing my face!

 Here are some of the things I’ve learnt over the years of goal setting that have worked for me:

1) Make them small: whilst it is amazing to have big overarching life goals, setting smaller incremental dreams allow you to see the path to follow. So instead of ‘Get Abs’ I am focusing on ‘Moving my body daily, increasing my running and focusing on my Yoga practice’ this year. When a goal is something that you can actually write down and tick off, I find it much more likely to happen.

 2) Pick a feeling: A great thing I’ve started doing is choosing a feeling for the day – month – year. This way I can focus on doing things and acting in a way that cultivates this emotion and feeling. 2016 is going to be all about the year of gratitude – the attitude of gratitude can change everything so I’m going to have this be a big part of each day. Last year I had a memory bowl where I jotted down things each day on post it notes and threw them in the bowl, it’s now full and a great reminder that wonderful things happen each day, its just about seeking them out.

 3) One for you: I usually find when thinking about setting goals or talking with people they all seem to revolve around career, fitness and money – the big goals. I like to try and pick out something a little random to others that is a smaller personal goal just for myself to achieve. In 2014 it was a little book that I wrote in at the end of each month with small things I achieved like how many blog posts I wrote, how many yoga classes I went to, great days out I had with family and friends. Last year it was a list in my phone of all the books I read for the year. Something smaller and meaningful to you that gives you an internal sense of achievement that you don’t necessarily need to share with anyone else. I find this sparks confidence and contentment within which then shines into all those big goals in your life.


Here is to a wonderful 2016, a new year, a fresh start, where each and every day is yours and yours alone to do with what you please.

Let’s see what we can achieve.

Lot of love,

Sarah for Lil&Emm xoxo

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