Lil & Emm - July 16, 2017

Guilt-free CACAO Ice-slice

If you’re anything like us the sweet snack attack hits every night right around 20 minutes after dinner time. Trying to kick this bad habit, we decided to experiment with our fav new @cacaohub Hot Choc. (the gorgeous Carli was kind enough to give us a 20% off discount code: ALILEMPIRE20)

This is more than your average cacao powder. Its 100% organic, refined sugar free and vegan, made right here in Australia. The Cacao Hub has a mission to spread the power of cacao through healthy alternatives of delicious drinks and food that accommodate to those with intolerances or living a vegan lifestyle.

Cacao is the unprocessed version of cocoa – basically the much healthier younger sister which still has all her wholesome goodness still intact.

But that’s not our favourite thing about it, it’s the sweet caramel undertones that brings it to life and makes it special. The coconut sugar blossom is the cherry on top.

Easy and quick to make, we wanted to share this cheeky and healthy take on your classic ice cream bar. Enjoy! xx

Cacao ice-slice


 2 cups cashews soaked

 2 ripe bananas

 1/2 cup coconut oil (liquid state)

 1/2 cup Honey

 1/2 cup coconut milk

 1/2 tbs vanilla extract

 1/2 cup cacao powder


Blend all ingredients in a blender until you get a smooth consistency. Pour into a container lined with glad wrap and leave in freezer to freeze. After a few hours of freezing cut into slices before it becomes too hard to cut. This step is optional as you’ll most likely be grabbing a spoon to dig straight in!

Lil & Emm - May 14, 2017


As soon as the delightful Annie from Miss Winks boutique got in touch with us, we just knew we wanted to be a part of her lacy, swoon-worthy online world.

Here we share a little insight into what her business is all about:

Who is Miss Winks?

She is the rule-breaker, the renegade, the muse.

She is strong and rebellious, with feminine charm.

She is wild at heart- the eternal wanderer.

She is playful- with a lot of sass.

She is inimitable.

Miss Winks boutique was born out of a lust for finding the joy in the every day. Pieces to inspire.

We are dedicated to supporting Australian and independent designers- the innovators, the disruptors, creating pieces with heart.

A fashion and personal stylist, owner Annie Brown knows what makes an unforgettable shopping experience. After years of shopping with women and men of all shapes, sizes and ages- Annie had her ‘aha moment’- to create a shopping experience that is unpretentious, fun and full of pieces to uplift and inspire. Forget stuffy, stark and mass-produced- our pieces are sourced for their uniqueness and quality.

Forget the mundane, these pieces are to be loved, cherished, coveted.

Luscious lingerie, pieces that sparkle, treasures for the body and soul-creating magic in the every-day.

With a meticulous eye for detail and a mission to make you feel beautiful- Miss Winks is your new BFF.

Lil & Emm now stocking at

Lil & Emm - January 17, 2017

SUMMER vibes: PART 1

5 tips for making the most of summer

Let’s face it, summer is totally the best season. Whether you’re a sun worshipper, beach bum or just love ice cream that much, summer brings with it an undeniable sense of optimism, seduction and free spirit among us.  But the long, warm days of summer come and go quicker than a bad fashion trend. Luckily for you (and for me, too), there are SO many ways to get the most out of summer. Below are some of my favourite tips and, until now, some of my best-kept secrets!

1. Be a socialite          
(not in the Paris Hilton circa 2002 sense)
Instead of um’ing and ah’ing, and then eventually declining social invitations (I’m totally guilty of doing this), get in the habit of saying ‘yes’ more. Leave the excuses at home, and embrace the opportunities to socialise. It’s a good way of expanding your social circle, meeting new people, making more friends and filling up your social calendar. Don’t sell yourself, or the value of your company, short – be a girl in demand!

2. Get off the grid       
Escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and spend some quality time with mother nature. Australia is full of national parks, rugged coastlines, endless beaches and natural wonders – the perfect remedy to de-stress, detox and re-set yourself. It’s easy to forget how pretty nature can be, and how beautiful it sounds, so get off the grid, go outdoors, go for a hike, chill, take it easy, or even camp – your mind (and mental health) will thank you later.

3. Write a wish list     
Yeah I know, the couch is comfy, I get it. But save couch time for when it’s cold and rainy outside (if you live in Melbourne, this could actually be ANY time of the year). Set aside a couple of hours on a weekend, make a summer wish list and start ticking boxes. Let your imagination run wild with activities, and make sure to include something you won’t forget – jump out of a plane with a parachute, or jump into the water with sharks (or a croc if you’re really brave), hug a koala, sail a coastline, go cliff jumping, chase waterfalls, pick strawberries, ride a horse along the beach, go star gazing – the options are endless, but it’s YOUR wish list, babe!

4. Make weekends really count
This is my best-kept secret (until now)! You know how sometimes public holidays fall on a Tuesday or Thursday? Take that day in-between off work, and hellooooo 4-day weekends! Believe it or not, 4-day weekends are perfect for a road trip, or even a cheap overseas weekend. Asia is always on sale, and the shorter flight times mean you can jet-set somewhere exotic without cutting into your annual leave (or your savings)! How about drinking a cocktail in the famous infinity pool in Singapore? Or, would you rather do a quick visit to Angkor Wat? Even better, do a jungle hideout in Bali, or spend the weekend snorkelling around a Pacific Island! It’s your weekend, make it count.

You don’t need boys to go on cute dates; date your girlfriends instead! You know those enviable girls on Instagram that are always somewhere new, and doing something fun with their gal pals? They’re totally having a GRL PWR SMR and we should all follow their lead. Gather your girl gang and schedule a bunch of summer dates – scenic picnics, go glamping, do something posh (polo, anyone?), visit a winery, set up a cinema in your backyard with loads of fairy lights and pillows, dress up and go to a high tea, or relax and recharge at some hot springs. Just don’t forget your camera and a gorgeous smile!

XO Sonja Steffen @eststeffen